Figma Integration for Jira

The purpose of this Jira integration is to connect your Figma account your Jira account. After installing the app, you will be able to add Figma designs to your Jira issues. You will also be able to add comments that will appear on both platforms. This way you can effectively collaborate with your team on Figma designs.

Getting Started

After installing the app, go to the issue where you want to attach the Figma design. If you don't already see the section, click on the three dots and choose "Figma".


The first thing you need to do here is insert your Figma access token and click "Add".


You can create Figma access tokens in your Figma account under "Settings" - "Personal access tokens".

After adding the token, click on "Add Figma link" and copy-paste the link to the Figma design into the "File link" field. When you click on the "Add" button, your Figma design will be inserted into the issue.


Adding Comments

To add comments, use the "+Add a comment" button.


Type your comment into the field, then click on "Add".


To see your comment, refresh the page. The comment will also appear in Figma when you view the file.

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