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Google Slides Integration for

The purpose of this Google Slides integration is to connect Google Slides to your

workspace. After installing the app, you will be able to add Google Slides to either your board view or to individual items.

Installing the app

You can install the app with just a few clicks. The app doesn't require any permissions. So after following the installation link, choose which workspaces you want to add the app to, then simply click “Install.”


Adding a Google Slide in board view

To add a Google Slide in board view, click on the plus icon, then select “Apps”.

Here, find the Google Slides integration and click “Open in board”.


Paste the Google Slide link into the field and click “Save”.


Before copying the URL, make sure you have selected the right permissions. If the sharing link has read-only permissions, you will only be able to view the slides in monday but not edit it unless you are logged in.

Adding a Google Slide to individual items

To add a Google Slide to an item, find that work item on your table. Then hover over it and click on “Open”.

After this, click on the plus icon in the corner to add a new view.


Finally, find Google Slides integration and click “Add to item”.


Now you can enter your Google Slides link into the field and click “Save”.


If you need any help with our app, or if you have any suggestions for us to make it better, please get in touch with our support team. We will be more than happy to help.


I’m using Firefox and I cannot log in to my Google account in the embedded Google Slides. What can I do?

If you are experiencing log-in issues with Firefox, for example: cannot log in via the embedded Google Slides, you are shown as logged out or the account menu doesn’t work properly, please disable Firefox’s Enchanced Tracking Protection.

For this, simply click on the shield icon next to the address bar and toggle “Enchanced Tracking Protection“ OFF.

Release Notes


  • Initial release